About us

Forward-thinking Family Lawyers

We are a boutique law firm in the Cayman Islands specialising exclusively in Family Law. Our lawyers have decades of experience in the practice of Family Law bringing a wealth of expert knowledge, forward-thinking solutions and unrivalled compassion in our approach to family disputes.

We provide expert advice and guidance on all areas of divorce, children and family law often with an international dimension. We understand the emotional impact of relationship breakdown and we provide carefully tailored advice to a full spectrum of clients from High-Net-Worth individuals to the vulnerable and publicly funded. Regardless of your situation, we encourage a constructive, cost-effective, solution focused approach where possible.

We have links with specialist family lawyers in other jurisdictions and strong working relationships with mediators, counsellors, social workers, child-psychologists and expert accountants both locally and abroad. Utilising our professional network and our many years of family law experience, we can tailor our approach to ensure the best outcome for you and your family.