Hayley Allister


Hayley has a decade of specialist family law experience and she focuses her practice exclusively on family law, which she has a genuine passion for. She represents individuals and families who come from both the Cayman Islands and internationally, from a wide assortment of backgrounds.

As a family law attorney, Hayley has gained a reputation for her compassion and integrity when dealing with her clients, as well as her carefully considered approach in helping them achieve the favourable outcomes they deserve as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Hayley prefers to help her clients resolve their conflicts and reach amicable agreements without the need for expensive and stressful litigation, however, she will not hesitate to take her clients’ cases to court if a resolution cannot be reached.

Outside of Cayman Family Law Hayley is the Secretary of the Cayman Islands Family Law Bar Association, she has recently been appointed the tutor in Family Law & Practice on the Professional Practice Course (PPC) at Truman Bodden Law School, and she is a avid volunteer at Legal Befrienders, a free legal advice clinic run by the Family Resource Centre.

Hayley Allister / Partner