There are a range of potential issues arising from relationship breakdown particularly where there are children involved and assets to be divided. The types of remedies available and your legal rights can vary greatly depending on whether you are married or unmarried. Whatever your situation, our forward-thinking experts will guide you through the divorce, nullity or separation process with compassion, confidence and reassurance.

Our team of family law specialists offers expert advice and representation on all issues including:

  • The divorce / annulment process in the Cayman Islands;
  • Financial Arrangements on divorce including division of property, spousal support (or ‘alimony’) and child maintenance;
  • Injunctions and Emergency relief including freezing of assets, tracing of hidden assets and disclosure issues;
  • Negotiation and preparation of Consent Orders, Separation Agreements and Co-Parenting Agreements;
  • Children and Parenting issues;
  • International divorce issues such as choice of jurisdiction and enforcement of foreign divorce orders;
  • Mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution;
  • Trusts on divorce;
  • Rights of co-habiting couples on separation;
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships.

It is crucial to obtain specialist legal advice in order to understand what your rights and entitlements may be and how you can protect yourself should your relationship end. Our talented team of lawyers has a wealth of experience in the area of divorce, family and children’s law and will help navigate you in an efficient and compassionate manner towards a carefully crafted solution for you and your family.

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