Child Maintenance

Maintenance, periodical payments, child-support – call it what you will – those sums payable for the benefit of children on a regular basis after divorce and separation are an important and often controversial issue.

Whether married or unmarried, when parents separate, they both continue to have a legal obligation to financially support their children. If you are the ‘non-resident parent’ who does not have the children living with you on a day-to-day basis, you will have an obligation to pay money to the other parent to meet the expenses and reasonable needs of your children.

Maintenance can be payable in respect of a parent’s contribution towards a child’s education costs, health insurance expenses, extra-curricular costs, special needs, general living expenses etc.

In the case of unmarried parents, then an application can be made for financial provision for any children of the relationship pursuant to Schedule 1 of the Children Law (2012 Revision) which can also include property adjustment orders.

There are a number of factors which impact on the appropriate quantum of child maintenance that should be payable in a particular case. Whether you are the payor or payee, it is important to seek advice from a family law specialist to understand your options/obligations. Our team has extensive experience of negotiating maintenance agreements and acting for both Applicants and Respondents in maintenance related court proceedings, including for the enforcement and variation of maintenance orders.

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