Domestic Violence

We understand that acknowledging that you are in an abusive relationship is an extremely difficult thing for anyone to admit. Taking the necessary steps to prevent further abuse can be even harder. Sadly, domestic abuse is very common and affects people from all backgrounds.

Our team are extremely experienced at handling these sensitive situations in a compassionate and efficient manner.

In appropriate cases, our lawyers can seek an emergency order from the Court to protect you and your family when abuse is taking place.

Domestic abuse can take many different forms and can be physical, financial or psychological/emotional in nature. It is a misconception that in order to be in an abusive relationship, there must be physical violence. In many cases, the abuse is exclusively psychological and it is no less harmful.

Our lawyers regularly advise and represent clients in relation to the full spectrum of remedies available pursuant to the Protection from Domestic Violence Law, 2010 including Protection Orders, Occupation Orders, Tenancy Orders and also urgent financial orders. Depending on your particular circumstances, these orders can be obtained by way of an urgent ex parte court application without your abuser being put on notice. Our lawyers will provide you with clear, swift advice as to the best option in your particular circumstances.

We have listed below some additional sources of help along with relevant contact telephone numbers for those who find themselves in an abusive relationship:

Cayman Crisis Centre +1345 943 2422
Family Resource Centre +1345 949 0006
The Counselling Centre +1345 949 8789

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