We understand that disputes concerning children are difficult and emotive. Our team have extensive experience in a broad range of private and public law children proceedings. We regularly advise parents and act on their behalf in relation to all legal matters concerning children often with an international dimension. We also act on behalf of children themselves as Guardian ad Litem ensuring that their interests are represented in proceedings. Regardless of the circumstances, our advice is carefully designed and sensitively handled to ensure that the child’s welfare is the primary consideration.

We offer exceptional expertise on a wide range of children and parenting issues including:

Children Arrangementsv

Including the obtaining of Residence Orders (referred to as ‘child custody’ in some jurisdictions) and Contact Orders pursuant to the Children Law (2012 Revision), which define where children should live and the terms on which they should spend time with each parent and other extended family members, like grandparents. We also have a wealth of experience in negotiating and preparing Co-Parenting Agreements and Parenting Plans.

Parental Responsibilityv

It is important for every parent to know what legal rights and responsibilities they have in relation to their children and this can become extremely important in the event of relationship breakdown.  We can assist with obtaining recognition of parental responsibility if needed, entering parental responsibility agreements or resolving issues in relation to the exercise of parental responsibility.

Child Abductionv

When a parent unlawfully removes a child from their home country and/or unlawfully withholds a child from the other parent, urgent steps may need to be taken pursuant to the Hague Convention on the International Aspects of Child Abduction. We understand that time is of the essence in these situations and we can provide expert, strategic advice should child abduction proceedings become necessary.

Financial Provisionv

Obtaining child maintenance orders to ensure that your child’s expenses are met. See also ‘Child Maintenance’ section.

Child Relocationv

It is not uncommon for a parent to want to relocate abroad with a child following a divorce or separation. It may be that the parent wishes to return ‘home’ to be closer to their family and support network or they need to relocate for immigration or employment reasons. Whether you are seeking advice on how to reach an agreement with the other parent or find yourself making or defending a child relocation (or permanent removal) application before the Court, we provide expert advice and guidance throughout what can be a very challenging process.

Specific Issuesv

We provide advice and guidance in resolving disputes that arise in relation to the exercise of parental responsibility. Such issues can relate to the choice of a child’s school, decisions related to medical treatment of a child or changing a child’s name. Prohibited steps orders can also be obtained to prevent a parent from taking a particular decision, for example, the removal of a child from the jurisdiction without the other parent’s consent.

Public Law Children Casesv

We provide advice and representation to families when social services are involved. This includes applications for care orders, supervision orders, emergency protection orders and child protection investigations. We act for parents and other caregivers dealing with contentious public law proceedings and we can also act as Guardian ad Litem on behalf of children where needed.


Going through the adoption process can be daunting and time-consuming. We can provide advice and support at any stage of the process whether it is the application stage, assessment stage or attending court to obtain an Adoption Order. Our team of family lawyers can assist and liaise with the Department of Children and Family Services, the Adoption Board and/or international adoption agencies where necessary.

We are experts in navigating complex children cases which enables us to deliver creative solutions to you and your family. Whatever the complexities of your particular situation, our highly experienced team will offer sensitive, tailored advice to ensure that you and your children’s best interests are met every step of the way.

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